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I’m Matt Volm, CEO and Co-Founder of Funl, a RevOps platform for SaaS and subscription based businesses. I ❤️ all things RevOps, which is exactly what I write about here. I also curate the best RevOps content I can find and share it on a weekly basis, with topics ranging from marketing technology to sales compensation plans to running the best churn analysis, and everything in between.

Whether you nerd out on RevOps or are just getting started, you’ve found the right place in the RevOps Cooperative.

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Funl is a GTM data platform that provides a single source of truth for all your GTM data along with full funnel analytics and insights across your entire GTM function, from marketing to sales to customer success.

With Funl, you can stop guessing and start knowing. Learn more at www.funl.so.